Recipe: Winter Rice Salad (vegan)

Sometimes even I get lazy in the kitchen. I know, I know… “the Food Journey that doesn’t wanna cook a 5 course meal?!” – you may say. Well…when I go home from work, maybe after the gym, or when in the evening I have to prepare lunch for the next day, sometimes I feel tired and I don’t want to spend too much time cooking. At the same time, I am n0t a fan of ready-to-eat soups and meals, as they are full of sugar, additives and preservatives, while I really like my diet to be has healthy as I can.

So lately I have been experimenting few quick recipes that I will share with you. Once you have the ingredients for these quick recipes, the preparation time is really minimal, but still I guarantee a delicious flavour and  a joy for your palate (and stomach!). Here is the first one that I cooked for lunch two days ago: I have cooked winter rice salads before, but in this case the wild mushrooms make the difference and they add that earthy flavour that make the dish special. Enjoy it!

winter rice salad


Ingredients (2 people): 250g basmati rice50g green peasone carrot50g cauliflower50g boiled corn100g wild mushroomssalt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil

Time: 20-25 mins

Preparation: Boil basmati rice till “al dente” but DO NOT overcook it, as it will finish cooking when added to the vegetables at the end.

In the meantime chop the carrot and the cauliflour in small cubes. Chop the mushrooms in larger pieces.

Heat a frying pan and pour some extra virgin olive oil; when the oil is hot, add peas, wild mushrooms, the corn, the diced carrot and cauliflower and cook for 5-6 minutes. Season with salt when the vegetables are almost cooked.

Mix rice and vegetables once they are both cookeds and season with, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Eat warm.

Buon appetito!



– You can use arborio or carnaroli rice if you prefer a more firm and crunchy texture, though it will take much longer to cook and the extra starch of these types of rices will rather produce a creamy/risotto effect. I would not recommend it unless you are planning to make risotto, but then the cooking procedure is totally different (and longer).

– you can use other mushrooms (e.g. Champignons). The wild ones, if not fresh, sometimes comes in frozen packages. Check if there are Porcini Mushrooms in the mix. Their flavour is so intense and earthy that will make a huge difference in the dish.

– you can exchange any of the greens of this recipe for some other vegetables. I would avoid maybe potatoes, as the rice already plays their role in this dish.

– if you are REALLY LAZY, you can use the pre-cooked rice (Uncle Ben or similar). It is not as firm as it generally overcooks when you eat it in the microwave, but it’s an acceptable compromise.

– Parmesan on top is optional, up to your taste.


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