Child-free (adult-only) hotels and restaurants: a revolutionary concept for a relaxing holiday

The first tense moment I have when I go on holiday is usually on the plane out. I step on the plane and if I spot few (or even one!) little kids I start thinking: “nine hours on this plane with crying babies…I will never sleep!”. Has that ever happened to you?

kids on a plane

A huge bouncing ball that hits you while you are sunbathing on your beach towel. The loud baby girl that screams out her lungs to call her parents half mile away to catch their attention and show them how good she is at swimming. The two kids that play hide and seek with your chairs while you are having a romantic dinner.

All these things DO NOT happen in an adult-only (“kid-free”) hotel. And despite the name may sound suspicious, an “adult only” hotel is a hotel that you choose simply because you want to be sure noisy kids won’t spoil your relaxing holiday.

I have recently discovered that, even if there are no adult-only flights (yet!), there are indeed adult-only Hotels and Restaurants. And Floris Suite Hotel in Curaçao, where I recently had the pleasure to spend few days, is one of these. I had been having the busiest days back in London and I was looking for a place where to forget about everything and have an unforgettable exotic holiday. Curaçao seemed a perfect location, as in November it is one of the very few places around the globe where there is a very low risk of heavy rains. Then the option of a kid-free hotel arrived: too tempting to say no…and I am SO glad I went there!

The right atmosphere is one of the elements to really enjoy any food or drink experience. A delicious cocktail doesn’t taste the same if you are in a noisy, busy beach or if you are in a private cozy bay. And that is what we found at Floris Suite Hotel.

Sjalotte Restaurant

I have written about this place already as it is a restaurant you should definitely visit if you are in Curaçao. Most of the restaurants on the island are either local “street” markets, where you can eat local dishes, or more sophisticated european restaurants. Sjalotte restaurant, the signature restaurant of the Floris Suite, offers European dishes with an original Caribbean kick.

Sjalotte at Floris Suite Hotel in CuracaoA soup is not a common soup but becomes an original flavour experience. Even just the breads, with the mix of white flour buns and “arepa” bites served with several dips, are really delicious. The atmosphere is cozy and really magical, being the restaurant an open space surrounded by tropical trees. Candles, torches, soft background music, delicious food…should I add anything else? Oh yes…there are no kids around!

Rainbow Lounge and Pool Bar

I love being spoiled. Especially after months of hard work in London, all I want when I go on holiday is a relaxed, memorable, unique experience. And when I stepped into the colorful open-air Rainbow Lounge and I read “LET ME SPOIL YOU” on the T-shirts of the bar tenders, I thought: “I think we picked the right place”. And they truly kept the promise they have on their outfit.

Let me spoil you, Rainbow Loungs Floris Suite HotelThe cocktails are rich, prepared with fresh tropical ingredients: the mango cocktail was our favorite. The Lounge will also soon offer the unique liveliketom shot, a rum shot we discovered ourselves in the local floating market in the city of Willemstad. I have been preparing this cocktail myself for all my guests since the very next day I went back to London: and everyone loves it! cocktail at Pool Bar, Floris Suite Hotel

After a day at the sea or exploring the island, we usually cooled down at the Hotel pool; a quiet friendly atmosphere, background music, a drink from the Pool Bar while bathing in the water, spotting large beautiful iguanas climbing the tall palm trees around the pool. So relaxing.

Piscadera Bay

I loved the fact that Curaçao, despite it is not a huge island, offers over 30 beaches. That’s why beach-hopping is the perfect way to appreciate the variety of colorful bays. Piscadera Bay is one of those, and it is only few minute walk from the hotel (or just 2 minutes away by the golf car taxi service the hotel offers as complementary service). The Pirate Bay Beach Club and Restaurant in the bay is a place where had an amazing time. Cocktails and food there have the same high standard quality of Sjalotte Restaurant, but having a meal on a white sand floor with the blue sea in front made us enjoy every bite a hundred times more.

Pirate Bay Beach Club, Piscadera Bay, CuracaoFew meters from the shore there is a small wreck and a pier where we spotted eels, seahorses, parrotfish, brain corals and several other types of fish. The hotel also offers a child-free beach nearby the Pirate Bay Beach Club, the Parasasa Beach, for guests 18 years and older, where it was really enjoyable relaxing, reading a book or just swimming in the pristine waters.

Parasasa beach Curacao Piscadera bay

During the holiday we met other travelers, and when  the concept of “adult only” hotel came into the conversation, they were all enthusiastic. Especially the one with kids commented “we would love to have a week just for the two of us; not just without our kids, but without other kids around as well!”. It’s not a very known concept yet, but we tried it and we guarantee it works. So, if a quiet, relaxed place where to chill-out, rest and get away from your busy life is what what you are looking for, leave your kids at home and spend some time in an adult-only hotel. It’s an experience you will remember for all your life. I will!


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