The Great Scaryish Bake Off (part 3) “Have you got your eye on the cheesecake?”

It’s almost Halloween AND this week is National Chocolate Week. I have been treating myself with all kinds of chocolate, from the most common ones to a really unique artisan dark chocolate with truffle that I bought in Spain during my last trip on the Pyrenees.

Last night then I wanted to prepare a treat that was both gruesome and that included chocolate. I didn’t have many ingredients in the house, I didn’t have much time either, so I had to be more creative than usual. And I came up with this quick and simple “eye cheescake”.

decorate Halloween cake icing

all you need for the decoration

The first thing you should prepare are some mini cheesecakes. You can use your own recipe, if you have prepared cheesecakes before. Otherwise you can follow this one, which is the one I often use.

For the topping though, I blended some strawberries together with some raspberries, I added a bit of sugar and I heated them in a small pan for two minutes from the moment they started boiling. I obtained a quite thick, red “jam” that I poured on top of the cheesecake once it’s cooled down. I kept stirring and added one sheet of gelatine to make the mixture a bit thicker once it had cooled.

strawberry mini cheesecake

One of the the strawberry and raspberry mini cheesecakes

Put the cheesecakes in the fridge and let them cool down until set. At this point let’s create the decoration. Quick, easy but enough gruesome and realistic!

Ingredients for the decoration of 4 mini cheesecakes:

– 4 spherical chocolates (I used Lindt chocolates, but you can use any you like)

– 60g white icing

– red and black edible colors

Prepare a 10x10cm icing sheet, not too thick, using 1/4 of the icing. Make a hole in the middle with any round tool you have in the house. Place now one of the spherical chocolates on top of the icing sheet: if the chocolate has a rounded hole (Lindt chocolates have it; if not, make one yourself with any rounded pointy tool), center it with the hole in the icing.

chocolate icing cake  halloween eye

Create a hole in the icing with any round tool you have available

Wrap the icing sheet around the chocolate and close the end of it squeezing the icing with your fingers. Remove the icing in excess, leaving only a sort of “tail” on the back of the eye you have obtained.

chocolate icing cake  halloween eye

The chocolate and icing eye is ready to be decorated

Use the paintbrush to decorate the eye. I filled the hole in the chocolate with a tiny icing sphere and I painted it in black to make the pupil. Then I used the black and red colour to add details, as small red veins, and to add some more “blood”.

chocolate eye Halloween cake icing

Decorate the eye using a small paintbrush and some edible colors

Your decoration is already done! Now repeat this procedure to obtain 4 eyes.

All you have to do now is to arrange each eye on one mini cheesecake and serve them!

Halloween eye cheesecake cake scary gruesome

The decorated cheesecake!

You can use chocolates of different colors (e.g. dark chocolate) to create eyes of different colors and personalise them as you prefer.

Halloween eye cheesecake cake scary gruesome

the Halloween “eye cheesecake”

Simple and delicious, I loved treating myself with this gory Halloween dessert.  Though I am already craving for some more cake. “Chopped-hand” cake…done. “Brain” red velvet cake…done. “Eye cheesecake”…done. What should I bake next?


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